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Available May 1, 2014

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Twice a Slave - Sammy Tippit and Randy Willis tell the raw-boned epic, based on their own ancestors, that gives American history a new face and a fresh voice.
 1758, North Carolina.
The son of a white man and a Cherokee, Joseph Willis must live as a slave on his own property.
His struggle for freedom is complicated by a love forbidden by society and his newfound spiritual faith.
Declaring himself a slave to Jesus Christ, he experiences an eternal freedom no man or government can suppress -- and challenges most men would flee.
With a faith molded by tragedy, Joseph finds the courage to forgive -- and to change the course of a new nation.

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Randy Willis is the 4th great-grandson of Joseph Willis.

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Twice a Slave Copyright © 2014 by Randy Willis and Sammy Tippit.  All Rights Reserved.
Published in the United States by SamRan Publishing, LLC

 ISBN: 978-0-578-13703-2

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Pre-production has already begun on two additional Twice a Slave projects! Twice a Slave, the documentary and Twice a Slave, the dramatic play. Both are being produced at Louisiana College's Department of Mass Communication and Theater. The docudrama will be filmed at numerous locations. Selected scenes from the play will also be filmed. Students will receive college credit for their participation in the various art forms and production. 

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Twice a Slave Copyright © 2014 by Randy Willis and Sammy Tippit.  All Rights Reserved.  Published by SamRan Publishing, LLC   ISBN:  978-0-578-13703-2  

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